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din 21/07/2011
21 iulie 2011, 14:56:16
Gameloft Romania is looking for talented 3D Videogames programmers to be involved in designing and
implementing 3D engines and technologies on various gaming devices (Sony Playstation 3,Apple iPhone,
Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii etc.), developing tools for 3D videogames creation and participating in the
creation process along with the game design and art teams.

- Program the game according to the game design document and the programming rules already in place
- Integrate all elements of the product, including engine, user interface, graphics/animations and sound
(if applicable)
- Work with the team to improve the production process and help in establishing best-practices
- Document the code and design and share with the team.

- Excellent skills in C++ and at least three years of experience in C++ programming
- Good knowledge in 3D mathematics (Linear algebra, arrays, vectors, etc.)
- Experience with graphic libraries (OpenGL, Direct 3D, DirectX)
- Previous experience in video game programming or other 3D applications (home made applications
- Knowledge of the major 3D modeling and animation software. Knowledge of scripting and plugins
programming for 3DSMax is a plus.
- Knowledge of online communication and networking technologies is a plus
- Creative problem solver, able to quickly learn and utilize unfamiliar concepts
- Motivated, hard-working, thorough and able to work on a team.

The opportunity to work and learn in a professional environment, with people who have a passion for
making great games. We offer a supportive working climate, a young and dynamic team with a free
communication style and also the possibility to make outstanding performances fair rewarded.
Motivating salary and a merit pay system.
Lunch tickets.
Medical insurance package, in partnership with CMU Clinic.
A modern office building.

Apply by sending your CV to
MW Lurker
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din 20/03/2011
Opera Mini
21 iulie 2011, 15:54:36
Is next generations of games from Gameloft S.A for more platforms: Java, Android, I-Phone, and more
MW Addicted
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din 01/06/2005
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21 iulie 2011, 19:53:16
Yeah right, some official website with this information ? :)
Android leads the path..... / Bijuterii Swarovski
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