Editor Foto - Photo Editor app

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king james
MW Liker
52 mesaje
din 09/04/2014
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10 februarie 2016, 15:18:47
Editor Foto este un fantastice editare poze app. Efecte poze cool si filtre foto vă permit să taie poze, trage, scrie, crea meme, modifica lumina, culoarea și luminozitatea sau adăuga blur și cusur la fotografiile.

Legatura: https://www.microsoft.com/ro-ro/store/apps/photo-editor/9nblggh5pbkk

https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-eCRC2hIUlmo/Vrs3Sl587OI/AAAAAAAACqE/eACqYnWguzg/s320/RO-Screenshot-1.png https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Kr5Gxwx7HrY/Vrs3SsZLRcI/AAAAAAAACqI/ZKSi_iffAsg/s320/RO-Screenshot-2.png https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-MLN2-HVa7xA/Vrs3Sjvcf6I/AAAAAAAACqA/YdScSlSEB_s/s320/RO-Screenshot-3.png

Legatura: https://www.microsoft.com/ro-ro/store/apps/photo-editor/9nblggh5pbkk
Art Director
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din 25/08/2005
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14 februarie 2016, 01:58:30
Hi James,

I've seen you posting all kinds of apps around here and is great to see people getting involved in mobile app development. I will not get into reviewing your apps or anything but can you please, for the love of anything you believe in, lose that auto translator. I can assure you everybody here cringes while reading your messages. It has nothing to do with Romanian language (although some word are Romanian when taken individually) and it makes no sense.

If you can't find someone to translate the description in Romanian (although you should consider this for marketing purpose), you can write it in English (proper English please). The users here, being involved in technology, are quite familiar with it.

I don't want to be rude or anything but think about it - if you don't care for a proper description why would anyone care to click your links or even bother to read your message?
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MW Addicted
3954 mesaje
din 05/08/2008
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Android 4.1.2
14 februarie 2016, 13:46:21
Este o traducere de la microsoft.
autor subiect #4
king james
MW Liker
52 mesaje
din 09/04/2014
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26 februarie 2016, 14:41:16
 @Blandu Thank you for your advice, I will make sure to post in English from now on. :)
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