Android OS de la Google

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din 04/07/2005
19 decembrie 2007, 22:19:15 • actualizat 19 decembrie 2007, 22:24:16 (3 ori)
Iata primul prototip de Google Phone!

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din 04/07/2005
10 ianuarie 2008, 08:12:00 • actualizat 10 ianuarie 2008, 08:12:32 (1 ori)
Wistron unveils the first Android-smartphone @CES
The China-based ODM-maker Wistron has unveiled its GW4 smartphone at the CES 2008 show. This is a candy bar phone with an integrated QWERTY-keyboard and a touch-sensitive display and powered by MontaVista Linux 2.6. The device is peculiar for the support of a new open platform Google Android. The GW4 version based on it will be released in March. Probably it will be the first Google Android smartphone and come out to the market under the brands of biggest vendors, says a Wistron spokesman. Those vendors will set the price of the product.

Wistron GW4 features modest specs, according to the company, this hints at Linux effectiveness. The current smartphone version works in GSM networks (tri-band for the US and tri-band for Europe and Asia). The 3G modification is expected late in 2008.

The specs of Wistron GW4:

* Networks - GSM/GPRS (without EDGE)
* Chipset - TI OMAP 1710 216 MHz CPU and 64 MB of memory
* Display - 2.5" 320x240 pixels touchscreen
* 2-megapixel camera
* Wi-Fi 802.11g
* Built-in SIP VOIP-client
* Opera browser
* Vidgets, for example, weather forecast of share rating
MW Addicted
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din 31/07/2007
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10 ianuarie 2008, 09:16:11
nu arata rau... dar pretul cred ca e pe masura  :D
Device : Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Rom : Stock 7.0
MW Moderator
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din 04/07/2005
10 ianuarie 2008, 13:33:36
asta ar fi chiar o prostie,n-as schimba un OS consacrat pe unul abia lansat care se gaseste la acelasi pret....
ar trebui sa fie mai ieftin,pt a se impune,deja are concurenta de la 2 giganti...altfel nu vad cum ar castiga unul n-as cumpara unul daca ar fi f scump,as merge tot pe un OS consacrat.
MW Moderator
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din 04/07/2005
10 ianuarie 2008, 15:44:42
Get Android working on your Zaurus
MW Moderator
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din 04/07/2005
14 februarie 2008, 08:06:11
LG aims for Android handsets by 2009

According to a report from Reuters, LG has officially set a time-table for bringing a Google-powered handset to market (and obviously not the phone above). "We will bring it out late in 2008 or early 2009," said Chang Ma, the company's vice president for marketing strategy. The plan sounds shockingly close to competitor Samsung's scheme for a rollout of the Linux phone in early 2009.

MW Addicted
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din 31/07/2007
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19 februarie 2008, 01:10:19 • actualizat 19 februarie 2008, 01:12:50 (5 ori)
Un telefon cu Android, E28
{youtube} muIqc7TP1bs {/youtube}

vad ca nu merge sa-l integrez...
Device : Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Rom : Stock 7.0
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din 23/10/2006
Opera Mini
19 februarie 2008, 01:41:37
Merge. Foloseste [,] in afara de {,}

MW Moderator
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din 04/07/2005
24 martie 2008, 07:40:21
HTC calls it first Google Phone "Dream"

Sources close to HTC unveiled today, that HTC's upcoming so called "Google phone", which uses Google's Android platform, will be called "Dream". The just over 5 inches long and 3 inches wide smartphone will have a large touchscreen and full QWERTY keypad underneath the screen that either slides or swivels out.
HTC is expected to become the first handset maker in the world to put out a smartphone developed around Android , but it faces stiff competition from Samsung which has stepped up its effort to put out a Google phone, a separate source said.

In any case, HTC's Google phone is expected to hit the market end of this year, the person said while HTC declined to comment the latest information.

MW Addicted
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din 07/10/2005
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24 martie 2008, 11:34:51
Si sistemu asta e distribuit gratuit ca nu prea am inteles. Si daca da nu se poate fi adaptat pt telefoanele deja existente?
MW Moderator
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din 10/03/2006
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24 martie 2008, 11:44:08 • actualizat 24 martie 2008, 11:44:54 (1 ori)
da, este gratuit(cel putin momentan, dar cred ca asa va ramane)...
teoretic ar putea fi portat si pt smartphone-uri/PDA-uri deja existente, dar practic ar trebui ca unul dintre "noi" sa faca asta(cum a fost si cu WM6), pentru ca marii producatori n-au nici un interes sa faca asta(dupa nu le mai cumparam noile produse)...
"Chiar și moartea e un început!"
MW Veteran
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din 01/04/2008
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23 aprilie 2008, 20:08:40
Baieti cititi asta asta
destepti baietii astia de la XDA Developers.Eu cred ca in curand o sa-l avem si noi!
MW Luver
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din 06/05/2005
10% warn
29 aprilie 2008, 00:44:11
Aveam pretentii de la voi........ :( Cine v-a pacalit pe voi ca android este un sistem de operare? Android este doar o platforma care ruleaza pe un miez de linux. Cam cum e java pe windows sau python pe symbian...... Cel putin așa am citit eu pe net. lol
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din 04/09/2005
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Windows CE
29 aprilie 2008, 02:47:29 • actualizat 29 aprilie 2008, 02:57:55 (1 ori)
primele stiri despre Android au aparut ca si cum ar fi un OS, dar se pare ca intr-adevar e doar o platforma pentru aplicatii.
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din 08/05/2006
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30 mai 2008, 22:18:06 • actualizat 30 mai 2008, 22:18:34 (1 ori)
Android-ul a fost in sfarsit prezentat publicului larg:





O parte din filmul de la prezentare: #/file.php?id=171866 (format 3GP).

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