HTC Tornado: Qtek 8300 si Qtek 8310

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din 05/10/2005
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31 ianuarie 2006, 22:43:42
Daca veneai acum o saptamana cu oferta puteam sa-ti dau numai bani.acum nu pot decat sa dau un telefon +diferenta.asta e... :death:
Usually I should post my phone name, PC config here... but IT'S NOT ABOUT THE HARDWARE ANYMORE. May you live in interesting times!
TIME is the greatest gift of all. "Waste" your time wisely.Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't have it to spend it with you
MW Moderator
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din 04/07/2005
15 martie 2006, 15:25:30
Dupa Germania,Vodafone Australia va introduce modelul i-mate sp5 in oferta sa.

Mai multe aici
MW Addicted
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din 14/08/2005
29 martie 2006, 11:57:57
super tare 8310! m-am jucat de curand cu unul..  :D
da si 15mil... :((
MW Moderator
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din 04/07/2005
13 aprilie 2006, 11:48:47 • actualizat 13 aprilie 2006, 11:51:22 (3 ori)
Exclusive first - v1240 and v1640 Now selling on Vodafone!
12 Apr 2006

Exclusive first - v1240 and v1640 Now selling on Vodafone!Remember a while back we exclusively revealed that Vodafone were testing the new Vodafone v1240 and v1640? Well, we're revealing that they've actually hit the shops and you can buy them right now!

If you check the Vodafone UK Business store you'll find the Vodafone v1240 Smartphone on page 2 which runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and comes equipped with EDGE, WiFi (yes, we said WiFi) and 1.3 Megapixel camera plus Bluetooth and much more. On page 3 of the "Business Phones" section you can find the Vodafone v1640 (known as the M5000 on Orange, the XDA Exec on o2 and the MDA Pro on T-Mobile) with it's QWERTY keyboard, integrated 1.3 megapixel camera, WiFi, rotating 65k colour TFT touch-screen display, 64MB memory and 3G.

Both the handsets can be seen from the links below, which will hopefully work (if not, just go to and check the "Business" section). It's a shame that Voda didn't create much of a fanfare about their release, but we love the look of that v1240! :)
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