Battleship for Pocket PC

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Battleship for Pocket PC

The classic naval combat game now in the palm of your hand on your Pocket PC device! Try to sink all 5 of your opponents ships before your own are found and sunk! Choose from two skill levels and play against the computer or with friends using one or multiple handheld devices!

Realistic game sounds and rich media graphics make this officially licensed version the ultimate classic BATTLESHIP game. Play in Salvo mode where your number of shots is determined by the number of ships remaining in each player’s fleet. Game statistics are displayed after one fleet is found and sunk.

- Single player against computer AI
- Two levels of AI (Normal and Hard) Multi-player
- Multi-device play via IR and TCP/IP
- Chat room interaction prior to game, when using multi-device play
- Traditional game play with alternating single shots
- Salvo game variant with number of shots determined by the number of ships remaining in each player's fleet
- Adjustable game volume and speed
- Rich media graphical help system
- Realistic game sounds
- Statistics presented at the end of the game

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