eten x500+ = backup ROM????

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din 16/12/2007
16 decembrie 2007, 18:59:50
am si eu o intrebare.
se poate face backup sau o copie la memoria rom de pe un eten x500+ ??? ??? ?????
vreau sa fac un upadate la wm6 si daca nu merge sa pot pune la loc wm6 pe care il avea plus programele preinstalate pe care le are.
multumesc anticipat!
zZz ツ
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din 28/04/2005
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16 decembrie 2007, 20:22:56 • actualizat 16 decembrie 2007, 20:23:55 (1 ori)
Nu stiu cum e cu backup/restore la ROM-urile pt PPC-uri.
Poti incerca sa faci backup prin metoda descrisa aici pt Windows Mobile Smartphone.
Insa nu stiu daca merge..

Mai poti incearca si asta:

While a lot has been written, the following should provide an easy-to-follow guide:

1. A torch (read on and you will know why)
2. 256M SD card
3. Download ntrw.exe, romupdate.exe, hexedfull.exe from the ftp of this forum to c:\ and install hex editor
4. Download the appropriate ROM file (hereafter referred to as "newrom.nb1").
5. Cancel USB in ActiveSync
6. Use Sprite Backup to backup your ppc

Backup original ROM:
1. Put pocket pc into the boot loader mode (hold both on/off and camera buttons at the same time while resetting).
2. Insert empty SD card.
3. Connect pocket pc to pc through USB.
4. Run romupdate.exe on pc.
5. Select “\\.\WCEUSBSH001" in port settings. In the popup windows, enter “d2s" and press enter.
6. Don’t get panic to see the pocket pc screen goes dark. Use your torch and you will see the download percentage. Wait until it reaches 100% and shows “CheckSum is OK!".
7. Insert SD card into card reader of the pc. Ignore the “format SD card" message and click “No".
8. Run “command" to go into DOS prompt and change to root directory (cd c:\). Enter “ntrw read oldrom.nb1 s:" where s is the drive of your SD card.
9. Ignore the “Data error <cyclic redundancy check>" message. You should save another copy of this important rom file “oldrom.nb1".

Change header of newrom.nb1:
1. Right click on oldrom.nb1 to open hex editor. Copy the first 416 bytes.
2. Open the downloaded newrom.nb1 file and overwrite the first 416 bytes with those of the old rom.
3. Save the edited newrom.nb1. You may save another copy of this important file.
4. Go to the command prompt and enter “ntrw write newrom.nb1 s:" to write it to the SD card. Ignore the error message “The parameter is incorrect".

Update the ROM:
1. Insert SD card into pocket pc and put it to boot loader mode again (on/off + camera + reset). Use you torch to check the dark screen.
2. When it shows “Press Power to flash", press the on/off button. Wait until it reaches 100% and ignore the message “Download Fail - CheckSum Fail"
3. Soft reset your pocket pc.
4. You may have to reinstall your software, unless you are familiar with the advanced features of Sprite Backup.
Sursa si mai multe informatii:

PS: trebuie sa gasesti mai multe variante de ROM WM5/WM6 pt telefonul tau.

PS2: NU incerca sa scrii un ROM ce nu destinat pt telefonul tau. Risti sa ramai cu un device 'mort'

Vrei si tu o semnatura asemanatoare? Vezi topicul de creare timeline telefoane mobile.
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din 16/12/2007
16 decembrie 2007, 20:42:59
multumesc mult de informatii.
daca mai sunt si alti cunoscatori in domeniu mai astept si alte sugestii.
MW Addicted
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din 01/06/2005
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06 februarie 2008, 19:37:12
a facut careva Back`up la ROM ? ca poate nu`mi convine de wm6.. si vreau sa raman la cel original..
Android leads the path..... / Bijuterii Swarovski
7 mesaje
din 02/11/2010
Windows CE
02 noiembrie 2010, 09:41:21
Salutare,a reusit cineva sa schimbe rom la x500+? nu de mult am cumparat telefonul si are destule probleme,pieRdere semnal,pierdere setari gprs,nu pot instala igo8 ca da ceva: memory out. Am incercat un rom x500 dar nu se poate da update,mai mult ca sigur trebuie rom x500+ ,daca poate cineva sa ma ajute?
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