GPS: NMEA vs SiRF Star

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MW Addicted
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din 29/08/2006
07 septembrie 2008, 12:18:18
2 device-uri diferite, dar identice ca hardware!

HTC Touch Diamond
- stabilizare in 15-60sec(bineinteles, sub cerul liber).
- sateliti: intre 5-8
- prima pornire. stabilizare dupa 2minute

HTC Touch Pro

- stabilizare in 2-10min(bineinteles, sub cerul liber).
- sateliti: intre 5-8
- prima pornire. stabilizare dupa 15min

in opinia mea, gps-ul, indiferent de protocol se descurca foarte bine daca este bine conceput in device si daca versiunea Radio pune in valoare si acest dispozitiv!
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zZz ツ
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din 28/04/2005
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29 septembrie 2008, 01:30:35 • actualizat 29 septembrie 2008, 01:30:45 (1 ori)
Time for a conclusion after these multiple test runs, and the first comment goes to the significant improvements of the Qualcomm GPS Chip on the MSM7200 compared to the MSM6275 GPS chip used on the SPV M700/HTC P3600, as seen in this comparison done in the Spring.

Having said that, what matters at this point is the GPS performance of the Kaiser compared to a GPS PDAPhone like the Mio A501 based on the reference SiRFStarIII chipset. The results are mixed with lower performance in pedestrian use (with Static Navigation deactivated on the A501) both in dense urban environments and in more open sites, but it remains usable and in driving mode it performs on par with the A501, except in extreme environments like underground sections, areas which you don't normally encounter very frequently.

I would venture two reasons for this, first of all a lower satellite signal level available for the chip to work with, due to the particular design of the Kaiser that rules out the use of a standard "patch" antenna placed on top of the device. This has an impact on accuracy but not on acquisition times thanks to the use of AGPS as discussed on page 3. Secondly, it is likely that the integrated Qualcomm gpsOne chip has less correlation power than the standalone SiRFstarIII chipset used on the Mio A501. At the end of the day, unless you need to use your PDAPhone for geocaching or hiking, and you'd probably be better off using a handheld GPS for that anyway, the Kaiser will provide an equivalent "GPS User Experience" to a SiRFstarIII based PDAPhone.
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MW Luver
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din 02/09/2009
07 octombrie 2009, 11:56:32 • actualizat 07 octombrie 2009, 11:57:15 (1 ori)
The Samsung SGH-i900 is equipped with a good Qualcomm MSM6280 GPS Chip.
Am IGO 8 instalat pe omnia si se comporta ireprosabil.Nu mi s-a parut sa aiba vreun delay ,sa zic asa, nici la 160km/h.Telefonul vede satelitii si in casa.Acum o intrebare am : de ce acelasi telefon cu Garmin vede foarte tarziu satelitii fata de IGO care in maximum 5 secunde e pe felie??
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